Interview with Jayden Roh, CEO of HanulTL

Interview Transcript

Linda: Hi Jayden. Thank you for joining me today.

Jayden: Hi, Linda. Thank you for inviting me.

Linda: Due to the Covid-19 situation, I believe you have been extremely busy this year. Today I’d like to talk about HanulTL’s cold chain packaging solutions and your value-added services.  So, first, let’s talk about your packaging product, Elephant Bio. Would you please tell me more about that?

Jayden: Sure. HanulTL spent a long time in R&D and developed Elephant Bio. Elephant Bio is 6 Liter to 80 Liter reusable packaging. And can maintain controlled room temperature, frozen and deep frozen temperatures. Elephant Bio is the first product in the world to combine specialized insulation materials PU-VIP, XPS & EPO. It’s also customized for payload and duration as requested by our customers. Furthermore, it has a very reasonable price and is of high quality.

Linda: These days we are very concerned about cold chain capabilities for vaccine distribution for example Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I understand Elephant Bio can maintain the required temperatures for the vaccines at 2-8 refrigerated, -20 frozen, even -70 deep frozen temperatures. Is that right? 

Jayden: That's correct. Using PCM refrigerants, it can maintain more than 72 hours at 2 to 8 degree under ISTA 7D profile and 120 hours at  -20 to -80 degrees by using Dry ice. I think It will perform well in ultra-low-temperature transportation’. Like the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for example.

Linda: You recently launched a new packaging product Elephant Light. What is the difference between Elephant Bio and Elephant Light?

Jayden: While Elephant Bio is focused on high performance, Elephant Light is focused on being light weight, hence the name "Light". It can maintain 48 hours at 2 to 8 degree under the ISTA 7D profile. 48 hours are enough time for domestic transportation. The 40L size is only 6kg excluding PCM and 15kg with PCM. The lightweight solution really helps the drivers and operation handlers.

Linda: So Elephant Light is a more cost effective version of Elephant Bio.

Jayden: Yes, correct.

Linda: As I know, HanulTL is a cold chain packaging manufacturing company, but you also provide pick-up and delivery services in Korea. Would you tell me more about your B-Carry transportation service?

Jayden: HanulTL is a total cold chain solutions company. We paid attention to bio-transportation services as well as packaging. That’s why we launched the B-Carry service. Our reliable service is non-stop from pick-up to last delivery and provides customers with peace of mind with a same day final report. After the initial launch, we have provided services to university hospitals, pharma companies and global logistics companies.

Linda: I heard that you are using eco-friendly electric TCVs with an energy storage system. What are the key benefits to use this kind of vehicle?

Jayden: That's a very good question. HanulTL’s slogan is “Heal the world by temperature”, and our goal is to provide an eco-friendly service and to protect the Earth. To provide this service, we have a partnership with ILJIN. They have high-tech electric vehicles with an ESS system. It can set and maintain refrigerated and frozen conditions at -20 to 10 degree in non-operation conditions. The official test shows the reduction of greenhouse gases by 34% and improving fuel efficiency by more than 52%.

Linda: You recently signed an MOU with Kyung Nam Pharm, one of the biggest Korean pharma companies. Congratulations.

Jayden: Thank you.

Linda: Would you tell me more about this collaboration?

Jayden: Yes. It’s a very good chance to expand our cold chain transportation business. With Kyung Nam Pharm's infra and HanulTL's solutions, we will create a synergy effect and take a leading position in the market. We especially focus on safe distribution of the corona vaccine.

Linda: It is great to hear all the good news about HanulTL and to see your growth. What is your plan for 2021?

Jayden: Yes, thank you. It has been a busy year for the company, and we have seen rapid growth. Through constant R&D, HanulTL will continue to invest in our vehicles and infrastructure for the special transportation and enhanced packaging solutions for Pallet sizes shippers. In addition, we will continue to improve handling for cold chain logistics and the Corona Vaccine.

Linda: Thank you Jayden. It’s been really interesting to learn about HanulTL today, and it’s been really nice speaking with you today. Thank you for your time.

Jayden: Thank you Linda.

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