World BI Digital Health Innovation Summit

Update : 30th May, 2023

World BI is thrilled to announce the global digital and innovation conference in the Healthcare sector. This will be a huge opportunity for all the delegates and sponsors to gather and discuss business opportunities and the latest trends. The motive of World BI is to provide a platform for healthcare, biotechnology and pharma companies, so they can exchange ideas and stay up to date with current trends and practices.

What we offer?

World BI conference provides you with the presence of 200 plus attendees and more than 100 speakers from the topmost healthcare companies. The problems faced in the digital health sector are being highlighted in the Digital Health Innovation Summit. To ensure an objective and thorough view on the function's future, the summit covers a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, life sciences, and the healthcare industry.

What we expect?

Large and small pharma companies as well as biotech will have the chance to talk about, argue over, and think about new technologies and procedures to speed up the digitalization in the healthcare sector. Participants will not only get the opportunity to interact with and forge deep connections with leaders who are at the forefront of digitalization, but they will also gain exposure to the newest technology and ideas through success stories, interactive case studies, and in-person interactions.

2023 will see important discussions on:

  • How to Design and Validate Digital Tools for Clinical Usefulness
  • Digital Voice Biomarkers, Home-based Smartphone Assessments
  • Using Digital Tools to Increase Patient Engagement and Compliance in a Clinical Study
  • Digital Outcome Measures and Surrogate Endpoints
  • Digital Biomarkers in Neurological Diseases: Validation or Falsification?
  • Digital Disease Management and Virtual Care
  • Successful Partnerships and Data Integrations Across the Healthcare Ecosystem
  • Digital Biomarkers and Wearable Sensors

To view the agenda or to learn more about World BI - Digital Health Innovation Summit Please visit:

Digital Health Innovation Summit | San Francisco CA | 6-7 June 2023 (

Source : World BI Group

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