The next generation of SMART Tower Cold Chain containers: ‘easy return’ and custom colours

Update : 2nd November, 2023

Tower Cold Chain has announced a series of new initiatives for the KTEvolution, its ‘small box’ solution for direct-to-patient, samples shipment, and last-mile deliveries.

Amongst the new offering is a ‘click and collect’ service for pharmaceutical companies, airlines and 3PLs who rent the containers as well as the option to purchase – and customise – the KTEvolution for businesses preferring to integrate the container in their circular supply chain and in their stock to increase their customer a fully reusable solutions when shipping smaller batches of sensitive pharmaceutical or biotech products, including Cell and Gene Therapies.

These innovations have been brought in following customer feedback since the KTEvolution’s successful launch in 2022.

“The industry wanted smaller solutions that are lightweight, manually portable and tailored towards the growing trend towards personalised medicines and clinical trial samples,” said Niall Balfour, Chief Executive of Tower Cold Chain.

“The concept has proven so popular that we’re introducing new ways to rent – or buy – the KTEvolution, to further improve accessibility for our customers.”

With the ‘click and collect’ service, Tower is making the return of the KTEvolution even easier. Once the containers have been used, the customer simply scans the unique QR code integrated on the top of the unit and Tower arranges collection, which takes place same day or next working day. As a result, customers can minimise storage requirements.

“The size of the KTEvolution – just 26 or 57 litres – lends itself perfectly to a ‘click and collect’ system similar to conventional parcel collection services. Because the KTEvolution is likely to travel further than other pharmaceutical cold chain containers, for example directly to a hospital or GP surgery, we will go that extra mile to pick it up to ensure it is reused for years to come” explained Niall Balfour.

Such is the popularity of the KTEvolution system that Tower is also making it available for customers to purchase. As a robust long-term, and sustainable circular solution utilising phase change technology, boasting a lifespan of over 5 years, the KTEvolution is the perfect addition to businesses wanting sustainable reliable cold chain transportation for their products.

Tower is able to customise the exterior of the KTEvolution, to replace the iconic Tower blue with colours matched to customers’ own branding when purchased. Whatever the preferred colour, the new functionality of the container remains the same: robust, manually portable, with temperature protection up to 120 hours.

“Both the ‘click and collect’ and custom purchase initiatives highlight Tower’s flexibility in meeting the growing demand to reuse pharmaceutical cold chain containers. Whether customers continue to lease, or prefer to buy, using the KTEvolution reduces waste and environmental impact, with a fully reusable and portable parcel-size temperature-controlled shipping system.”

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About Tower

Tower delivers proven physical and temperature protection for pharmaceutical and life science products and our robust, reliable, and reusable containers are the essential link in the stability of the cold chain.

Headquartered in the UK, we operate a global network ensuring availability and easy access to our products for all customers.

We are trusted by global pharmaceutical, logistics and airline companies and our experienced team, supported by a centralized quality-management system, reinforces customer confidence that our shipping facilities will meet requirements throughout the supply chain. Our patented design technology ensures our solutions meet the pharmaceutical industry performance standard, providing a minimum of 120 hours temperature compliance in any environment, anywhere in the world.

We work closely with our customers, realizing their requirements and how we can address emerging needs. and to deliver customer-focused innovation in temperature-controlled protection.

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