Swiss Airtainer obtains full EASA certification for its ULD RKN

Update : 20th January, 2023

The European Union Air Safety Agency (EASA) approval enables Swiss Airtainer to enter the air freight market for temperature-controlled unit load devices (ULDs) 

Swiss Airtainer is proud to announce that it has received full certification from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to operate its Active Temperature Controlled Container (RKN-ULD). This innovative active temperature-controlled container offers several competitive advantages, including a tare weight of just 388 kg, which creates opportunities with lower transport cost by reduced fuel burn, easy handling and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to existing solutions.


Despite its lightweight design, the container is extremely damage tolerant due to its robust materials and construction. The container is also energy self-sustaining, thanks to its photovoltaic cells which charge the batteries. With its real-time, two-way IoT capabilities and 16 built-in sensors, the container allows for real-time data monitoring and is fully compliant with the data integrity principles of ALCOA+, meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

“We are extremely satisfied that our technology has passed the rigorous standards of EASA,” said Eduard Seligman, founder and CEO of Swiss Airtainer. “The certification represents the culmination of the dedication, hard work and innovative approaches of our technical team over the past three years. We are already in communication with leading pharmaceutical manufactures, logistics providers and airlines, and will begin both pilot and commercial programs early next year.” 

The certification will help Swiss Airtainer meet the growing demand for temperature-controlled shipping solutions supported by our mission to provide the highest-quality products and services.

For more information: 
Stephen Maietta, Senior Vice President
 M: +1 (973) 452-5303 

About Swiss Airtainer

Swiss Airtainer was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Yverdons-les-Bains, Switzerland. It is led by a management team with deep experience in air cargo, international aircraft regulation and information technology. The company’s goal is to create innovative cold chain solutions that are intelligent, customer-centric, reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective. 

Source : Swiss Airtainer

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