SkyCell launches SECURE SaaS platform to enable pharmaceutical companies worldwide to expedite Supply Chain 4.0

SkyCell’s SECURE platform will provide a clear, door-to-door chain of custody across all transportation and container types.

Update : 29th July, 2021

SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of innovative pharma containers, has launched its SECURE SaaS platform to enable pharmaceutical companies to achieve supply chain efficiencies through automation and clear workflows. Building on SkyCell’s nine years of technology development which ensures its [industry-leading] temperature excursion rate of less than 0.1%, the SECURE platform will enable pharma companies to significantly reduce costs through faster product release, big data insights, and supply chain efficiencies.

The SECURE platform is solution agnostic, which means that for the first time, all shipments can be brought onto one global platform that enables automated approval processes and workflows. The SECURE platform provides a dashboard overview of all live shipments, providing alerts for any delays or temperature excursions as well as automated logging of all required quality management approvals along the way. Currently, most of this work needs to be done manually throughout the process, predominantly by email - this new platform will speed up the door to door journey by 4-7 working days and save approximately ten man hours per shipment. The SECURE platform can support across all transportation modes (including trucks, ships, and planes) and across all sizes (parcel, pallet, and container).

Global pharma supply chains, which historically have utilised legacy technologies, have become increasingly complex in recent years as biologics have become a greater part of the product mix. These supply chains have come under further pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen an increase in shipments globally on top of non-Covid annual capacity - which itself has been growing at 15-20% per annum. Moving high-value biologics and vaccines involves managing not just temperature and pallet damage risks, but also security concerns.

Since 2012, SkyCell has led the sector in the use of data by embedding this deep into its offering, automating collection and analysis. As a result, it has the biggest dynamic data pool in the sector and can offer risk management as a service. SkyCell flies on more than 40 airlines, and has strategic partnerships with Emirates, KLM Air France, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Cargolux, as well as logistics partners including DHL and Kühne & Nagel.

Whilst initially only available to existing SkyCell clients, the SECURE platform will become available for use more broadly in Q3 2021.

Richard Ettl, CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCell comments: “The launch of our SECURE platform is the next step in our mission to innovate the global cold supply chain. Moving to Supply Chain 4.0 not only benefits the bottom line, but also positively impacts global healthcare systems, bringing medications and vaccines to individuals faster and safer than ever before. The real-world benefits are significant - for example, SECURE can reduce the quality release process from a current average of [14] days to a matter of hours. This means patients get their treatments faster, and pharma companies can manage their stock and working capital more effectively. Covid-19 has demonstrated to the world how important efficient pharma supply chains are to global healthcare systems and protecting lives, and the innovation provided by SkyCell’s SECURE SaaS platform will help the industry realise a Supply Chain 4.0 sooner.”

About SkyCell

SkyCell is the leading manufacturer of temperature controlled door to door container solutions that allows pharma companies to optimise their supply chain by reducing, and even predicting, the risk of delivering sensitive drugs by air. SkyCell brings together big data, software and hardware to transform the decades-old global pharma cold supply chain, using a growing pool of nearly one billion data-points to enable a market leading failure rate of less than 0.1% whilst reducing CO2 emissions by almost half.

Founded in Switzerland in 2012, the company has been validated by the leading pharma companies. SkyCell is the number three player in the world in temperature-controlled air freight solutions, in a market currently worth $2.8 bn per annum and growing at a rate of 15-20%.

Source : SkyCell

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