Richard Peck Joins OnAsset Intelligence to Lead Quality, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Update : 25th January, 2024

OnAsset Intelligence announces Richard Peck has joined as Global Director, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs to lead OnAsset’s worldwide quality and compliance activity. Richard’s focus will be to ensure OnAsset’s products and services continue to be designed, manufactured, deployed and supported in line with global regulations and standards in the pharmaceutical sector.

Richard brings a wealth of experience to OnAsset, drawing from his 23 years of work that includes senior positions with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and leading providers of solutions and services to the temperature-controlled supply chain sectors. Richard is well respected in the industry, and his history of improving operational effectiveness through innovation, collaboration and leadership puts him in an ideal position to lead OnAsset’s efforts in this space.

Richard Peck states “I have known and worked alongside OnAsset for many years and have recognized them as the industry leader in asset tracking and real-time monitoring innovation in pharmaceutical and life-sciences. I am excited by the opportunity to work with them as they continue to develop groundbreaking solutions that will greatly support and improve the pharmaceutical supply-chain, ensuring medicines reach patients on time and at their highest quality, while also supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability targets. OnAsset shares my passion for cold chain, enabling me to work with even more stakeholders in developing the cold chain of the future!”
Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence, said “The pace of innovation in supply chain visibility, especially at it relates to rapid technology evolution across the realms of sensors, batteries, device form factors, sustainability and now artificial intelligence, creates a distinct set of challenges. We need to leverage all we can for the benefit of our customers and we must keep an eye toward the global regulatory environment while we do it, and that’s where Richard’s background and skillset give us a unique advantage. OnAsset has always led the pack in terms of innovation, and with Richard’s help we will ensure our compliance and validation maintains the same pace as our technology.”


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