Rhenus Sets Industry Focus with Dedicated Life Sciences Sciences and Healthcare Vertical in Italy

Update : 29th June, 2023

Rhenus Air & Ocean is intensifying its commitment to the life sciences and healthcare industry with the introduction of a dedicated vertical in Italy. Recognising the growing importance of this sector, the company will offer specialised logistics solutions that prioritise the unique needs of time and temperature-sensitive products.

The Rhenus Group, as leading logistics service provider, leverages advanced cold chain management techniques, state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities and cutting-edge tracking systems to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of life sciences and healthcare goods throughout Italy. With preventive risk analysis and lane validation, the offered solutions include different types of transportation modes, such as Air-, Ocean and Road Freight transportation with a continuous and punctual control on these highly sensitive and valuable products.

Moreover, the life sciences and healthcare industry requires a stringent quality compliance. The Air & Ocean division of Rhenus in Italy acknowledged this challenge and is dedicated to addressing it through tailored logistics solutions designed specifically for the sector. The company is currently focused on actively pursuing the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification, scheduled by the end of this year, to further strengthen its capabilities in meeting the time and temperature-sensitive requirements. The achievement of the certification will be a further proof of the commitment of Rhenus to providing its customers with the highest level of service and compliance in life sciences and healthcare logistics.

"We understand the critical role that precise temperature control plays in preserving the efficacy of medical, biotechnological and healthcare products,” said Simone Riccobono, Managing Director of Rhenus Air & Ocean in Italy. “With our specialised expertise and advanced capabilities, we are fully equipped to handle the unique logistics challenges and ensure the safe delivery of time-sensitive life sciences goods in the country."

Under the leadership of Andrea Battaglia, the newly appointed Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare in Italy, Rhenus Air & Ocean will collaborate closely with Italian companies in the life sciences and healthcare sector to develop customised logistics strategies that optimise cold chain management.

The launch of the dedicated Life Sciences & Healthcare Vertical in Italy marks a significant milestone for the well-established business of Rhenus Air & Ocean in the country, reinforcing its commitment to delivering specialised logistics solutions and meeting the evolving needs of the market and of its present and future customers.

This strategic move is part of the global strategy endorsed by Rhenus, focusing on becoming an expert in the life sciences & healthcare sector worldwide. By establishing a dedicated team in Italy, Rhenus aims to keep strengthening its position in the market and deliver exceptional and dedicated service even to the most demanding industries.

“The development in Italy further supports our global Life Sciences & Healthcare strategy and proofs our passion and commitment by supporting this industry sector in improving and saving patients life” says Stephan Dülk, Global Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare.

To know more about the customised logistics solutions offered by Rhenus in Italy, visit: https://rhen.us/25DuxCWChNua


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