IoT Company Launches Seguro 150 Temperature Tracker

Update : 24th August, 2023

Atlanta-based announces the launch of the Seguro 150, its next-generation reusable temperature logger designed for critical cold chain shipping applications. The device, approximately half the size of a business card and only 4mm thick, can be attached to a pallet or placed inside any packaging, and records temperature throughout the shipment's journey.

The patent-pending cloud architecture underlying the Seguro tracking system allows valuable additional information to be stored along with the temperature profile. Location, pallet ID, photos, and other useful information can be added and become a part of the shipment record.

A key part of the Seguro tracking system is the underlying end-to-end secure communication. Both sender and receiver have full access to the shipment record, and can even generate a PDF or Excel report containing the temperature profile and all of the associated information. The cloud-centric architecture also allows the sender to receive a mobile alert at the end of the journey, providing positive confirmation for critical shipments.

The most important feature of the Seguro 150 is that it does not require any app to be installed on the receiver's mobile device. This unique feature allows the system to be used for "sender-centric" shipments, such as those to end customers, where the receiving party won't download a new app just to read the temperature history. The receiver still has access to all the important information related to the shipment, and the sender still receives the completion notification on their mobile device.

The Seguro 150 also features a button interface for a more traditional logistics model. The sender simply presses the start button on the logger and attaches the logger to the package or pallet being shipped. The receiver retrieves all the temperature history from the logger via a simple tap with their mobile phone.

"We're very excited to be launching the Seguro 150, our next-generation temperature logger," says Chris Bear, President and Founder. "Half the size, double the battery life and with improved NFC performance over our previous model, the Seguro 150 continues our company's history of providing innovative cold chain solutions for the most demanding logistics applications."

The Seguro 150 is available for sale at and through select distributors.

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