Innovative Blood Program by Austin-Travis EMS Saves Lives with On-Site Transfusions

Update : 22nd February, 2024

The Austin-Travis Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has emerged as a beacon of hope and efficiency in emergency healthcare, implementing a groundbreaking blood program that incorporates on-site blood transfusions, resulting in the successful saving of countless lives. Over the past year alone, the EMS team has conducted more than 200 life-saving transfusions in the field.

Recognizing the critical need for immediate access to blood in emergency situations, the Austin-Travis EMS team has taken a proactive approach to enhance their capabilities. The EMS team now transports and stores blood on their command vehicles, ensuring that it is maintained at a constant temperature of 4.5°C in adherence to blood storage guidelines. To meet the stringent regulatory requirements for blood banks, the team has adopted the use of Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Units (APRUs), with the specialized blood refrigerator known as APRU playing a pivotal role.

In a recent and notable incident, the EMS team successfully transfused three units of blood to a severely injured patient on-site and during transport to the hospital, ultimately saving their life.

In a strategic move to bolster this life-saving initiative, the Austin-Travis EMS has entered into a five-year maintenance contract with the esteemed Delta Development Team. This partnership will see the deployment of 40 APRUs countywide, enhancing the EMS team's ability to provide timely and efficient blood transfusions.

Delta Development Team is thrilled to contribute to this life-saving blood program, providing state-of-the-art technology to support the dedicated healthcare heroes at Austin-Travis EMS.

The APRU serves as a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced in storing blood on command vehicles for a 24/7 service. This innovative refrigerator operates on both battery and vehicle power, allowing it to remain in the vehicle throughout entire shifts. Notably, it can maintain a consistent temperature of 4.5°C even in the extreme temperatures of Texas, where highs can reach 120°F. The internal temperature recording and alerts system in the APRU align with the standards used in blood banks, instilling confidence that the stored blood is in optimal condition for transfusion and will not be wasted.

The Austin-Travis EMS, in collaboration with Delta Development Team, is pioneering a new era in emergency medical services, setting the standard for innovative solutions that directly contribute to saving lives.

Source : Delta Development Team

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