Highlights from the 2023 PDA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Quality Conference

Update : 5th September, 2023

The 2023 PDA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Quality Conference recently wrapped up, leaving behind a trail of insights, innovations, and connections that will reshape the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Many firsts at the conference:

  • An AI/ML learning session where we have Selva G. from Thermo Fisher and Anil Yadav from Amazon to share their insights.
  • Updates on Annex 1 with Mairym Williams from Amgen, Dieter Bachmann and Molly Ting from Johnson and Johnson.
  • Regulatory updates from TR 89 with Priyabrata Pattnaik

Forging Connections and Sharing Expertise

The conference, held over two days in Singapore, witnessed the convergence of 180 delegates, who engaged in spirited discussions and knowledge exchange alongside 17 exhibitors who showcased innovative technologies, products, and solutions. A standout feature of the event was the presence of 36 distinguished speakers, each of whom played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the conference.

Keynote Addresses and Visionary Insights

The opening sessions set the stage for the event, with Chee How Lee from Economic Development Board, provided an overview of Singapore's biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector. US FDA Deputy Director Rick Friedman's discourse on sustainable compliance strategies captured the audience's attention, setting the tone for a conference that emphasized innovation, compliance, and future-readiness.

Exploring Timely Topics

The conference was divided into seven thematic sessions that covered these topics: regulatory insights; microbiology; contamination control; digitalization; and the future of manufacturing. A particularly engaging session revolved around the rapidly evolving role of AI/ML in manufacturing, where we shed light on the potential of these technologies to revolutionize pharmaceutical processes.

Virtual Collaboration and Engagement

The conference showcased its adaptability by accommodating virtual speakers who participated in panel discussions and Q&A sessions, seamlessly connecting with the in-person audience. This innovative approach demonstrated the industry's commitment to harnessing technology for enhanced engagement and knowledge sharing.

Spotlight on Emerging Talent

The event underscored the importance of embracing fresh perspectives from the younger generation working on the frontlines of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Speakers emphasized the significance of these digitally driven insights and how they can contribute to streamlining manufacturing processes.

Recognizing Excellence

A momentous occasion unfolded as we presented the PDA Distinguished Service Award to Samuel Tan from Novartis. Through his unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions, he has contributed to the society's growth and enhanced its membership. This award stands as a well-earned testament to his outstanding achievements.

SAB and RAQAB, delivered updates during the conference and it is with great pride that we announce the well-deserved appointments of Emily Cheah, the President of the Singapore Chapter, and Jim Polarine, the President of the Missouri Valley Chapter, to the prestigious PDA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Adding to the joy, Hue Kwon has also been appointed to join the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Advisory Board (RAQAB) Board alongside Dinesh Khokal. This momentous occasion highlights our commitment to assembling exceptional minds that will further elevate the standards and insights of our organization.

Looking Forward: Resilient and Digitally Empowered

The 2023 PDA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Quality Conference was more than just an event; it was a platform for catalysing change, inspiring innovation, and fostering collaboration. With the success of this year's conference, the industry is poised to embrace digitalization, harness the power of AI/ML, and create a robust ecosystem of knowledge exchange, all aimed at shaping a resilient and transformative future for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Source : Parenteral Drug Association

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