HanulTL's New Packaging 'Elephant Cryo' Delivers COVID-19 Test Kits from Korea to Ethiopia

Update : 28th April, 2021 Korean Version

HanulTL's Elephant Cryo was used to transport frozen COVID-19 test kits that were exported to the health authorities in Ethiopia. Elephant Cryo is single-use frozen packaging that maintains a temperature below -20°C for 96 hours or longer according to ISTA 7D standards. It offers both temperature stability and economic affordability.

One thousand five hundred boxes of COVID-19 test kits, equivalent to 150,000 tests, were recently packaged in 6 boxes of 110-liter Elephant Cryo and were delivered from Korea to Ethiopia without being subject to any temperature deviation.

Elephant Cryo offers improved insulation through its extra aluminum inner case layer between the EPS box and the external box. HanulTL is the first manufacturer to add an aluminum inner case to frozen packaging. Also, the external box material is a corrugated export carton, boasting high durability and greatly effective in preventing condensation.

Elephant Cryo comes in various sizes, from 15 liters to 110 liters. Specializing in developing customized containers, HanulTL provides customized solutions depending on the product size and volume. The recently launched Elephant Cryo is a product that test kit manufacturers, who have been feeling the pressure of cold-chain packaging, should certainly take a look at. Elephant Cryo will soon be used for transporting test kits to Latin America as well.

About HanulTL:

HanulTL is one of the leading, innovative bio cold chain solutions companies in Korea for temperature controlled products and bio-logistics. HanulTL’s company culture can be characterized by their commitment to excellence, environment friendly management, humanity, and close partnerships with their customers. This innovative company guarantee integrity throughout the total cold chain system by using "Elephant Bio" reusable passive containers. The containers effectively reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, HanulTL’s advanced technical know-how in clinical trial logistics (for precise temperature control of blood specimens, vaccines and medical supplies) sets them apart from their competitors. HanulTL continue to grow in the Korean domestic cold chain market and are making inroads internationally as well.


Sean Yoon, Director of Cold Chain Sales
Email: sean.yoon@hanultl.com
Website : www.hanultl.com

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