HanulTL Supply Cold Chain Packaging for Vaccine Transportation to Military Units in Korea

Update : 25th March, 2021 Korean Version

HanulTL’s cold chain packaging “Elephant Bio 70” is used to transport vaccines to Korea’s military units. The Elephant Bio 70 is a customized cold chain packaging matching the Republic of Korea Air Force’s requirement.

HanulTL was selected as a cold chain partner of the Republic of Korea Air Force because it quickly created a 70L high-capacity, high-performance customized solution, reflecting the Air Force’s needs. Currently used local vaccine cold chain packaging sizes are typically only 20L to 30L.

Elephant Bio 70, Customized Cold Chain Packaging for military units

HanulTL also provides cold chain packagings and domestic transportation services to the United States Forces Korea (USFK). The USFK uses HanulTL’s Elephant Bio 5L and 15L packagings and B-Carry services for same-day delivery of blood, specimens, and medicines.

B-Carry: HanulTL’s domestic transportation Service
HanulTL CEO Jayden Roh said, “We are very pleased to be a cold chain solution partner of the ROK Air Force and the USKF. Our partnership is the result of being recognized for the excellence of our cold chain packaging quality.”

COVID-19 vaccination roll-out in Korea started in February, and the demand for cold chain packaging is ever increasing. HanulTL collaborates with health centers, hospitals, and medical units nationwide, providing cold chain packaging in various sizes from 5L to 70L and transportation services.

About HanulTL:

HanulTL is one of the leading, innovative bio cold chain solutions companies in Korea for temperature controlled products and bio-logistics. HanulTL’s company culture can be characterized by their commitment to excellence, environment friendly management, humanity, and close partnerships with their customers. This innovative company guarantee integrity throughout the total cold chain system by using "Elephant Bio" reusable passive containers. The containers effectively reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, HanulTL’s advanced technical know-how in clinical trial logistics (for precise temperature control of blood specimens, vaccines and medical supplies) sets them apart from their competitors. HanulTL continue to grow in the Korean domestic cold chain market and are making inroads internationally as well.


Sean Yoon, Director of Cold Chain Sales
Email: sean.yoon@hanultl.com
Website : www.hanultl.com

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