HanulTL Launches "Elephant Light" Passive Packaging

Update : 23rd November, 2020 Korean Version

HanulTL, a company known for its multi-use passive packaging, “Elephant Bio,” is launching its new product, “Elephant Light” at the end of this month. Elephant Light, a single-use passive packaging product, is not only lighter than Elephant Bio, but is more cost-effective. With the addition of their latest innovation HanulTL now runs passive packaging lines for both single-use and multi-use.

Although Elephant Light is primarily single-use passive packaging, it can be re-used multiple times. The initial product to be launched is refrigerated packaging that can maintain 2°C-8°C for 40 hours. It is suitable for the refrigerated transporting of vaccines, medicinal products, reagents, and samples, within Korea. HanulTL developed their pragmatic solution ‘Elephant Light’ for customers who wrestle with the fact that they must still use cold chain packaging materials that are more expensive than the unit price of the product itself.

T-Light's packaging containers are made of a combination of polyurethane, vacuum insulated panel (VIP) and aerogel to improve insulation. PCM is used as the refrigerant.

"It was not easy to find the right material to maintain the quality that HanulTL needs to deliver while lowering costs," said Kangpyo Lee, Vice President who has led the research and development of the Elephant Light product. “I'm very pleased to have successfully launched Elephant Light after numerous tests with my team members over the past year. We will also gradually expand the temperature range, packaging size and temperature retention period through further planned developments” he added.

"I want to contribute to the public health sector with a cold chain solution," said Jayden Roh, President of HanulTL. "People should not get worried about the mishandling of vaccines at improper temperatures,” he asserted.

Founded in 2018 with its vision and mission, “Heal the world by temperature,” HanulTL has spared no efforts to improve the cold chain quality in the Korean pharmaceutical sector.

About HanulTL:

HanulTL is one of the leading, innovative bio cold chain solutions companies in Korea for temperature controlled products and bio-logistics. HanulTL’s company culture can be characterized by their commitment to excellence, environment friendly management, humanity, and close partnerships with their customers. This innovative company guarantee integrity throughout the total cold chain system by using "Elephant Bio" reusable passive containers. The containers effectively reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, HanulTL’s advanced technical know-how in clinical trial logistics (for precise temperature control of blood specimens, vaccines and medical supplies) sets them apart from their competitors. HanulTL continue to grow in the Korean domestic cold chain market and are making inroads internationally as well.


Sean Yoon, Director of Cold Chain Sales
Email: sean.yoon@hanultl.com
Website : www.hanultl.com

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