Envirotainer’s sustainability report showcases progress towards a sustainable pharmaceutical cold chain

Update : 7th July, 2023

Cold chain expert meets soaring demand while maintaining its environmental commitment

Envirotainer, the specialist in secure cold chain solutions for the shipment of pharmaceuticals, released its Sustainability Report for 2022. The report shows that despite a 19 per cent increase in doses shipped last year, the company was able to maintain a zero increase in CO2 emissions per transported dose of pharmaceuticals.


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Commenting on the report, CEO, Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, said: “As we continue to grow as a company, we remain committed to making progress towards a more sustainable future. Envirotainer focuses for 2023 will be to further implement its sustainability strategy in the organisation. Envirotainer will continue to minimize the CO2 emissions and compensate until Envirotainer is carbon neutral. Envirotainer will continue to focus on less CO2 per transported dose of pharmaceuticals. And through collaboration with partners, Envirotainer aims to transform the industry and jointly lower emissions.”

In 2022, Envirotainer transported over 740 million doses, which equates to about 2 million doses per day. Envirotainer’s solutions are designed to use the cargo compartment of the aircraft more effectively and, in combination with its lightweight design, less fuel is required per vial shipped. Additionally, all Envirotainer ULDs (Unit Load Devices) are reused hundreds of times, resulting in a lower carbon footprint per vial transported.


The company also made progress towards greener energy sources, with 94.8 per cent of its electricity being renewable and 100 per cent of its production powered by renewable energy, which is industry-leading. As demand for Envirotainer’s solutions grows, the company will now focus on balancing that growth with the need to reduce emissions from its operations.

Envirotainer is set to invest in research and development to improve reliability and guarantee that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals arrive without any temperature fluctuations, meaning less pharma waste and therefore lower environmental impact. Last year, 99.9 per cent of all trips were successful, and Envirotainer aims to maintain this high standard.

“ ... we remain committed to making progress towards a more sustainable future.

In the coming 12 months the company will introduce the final size of its Releye® container range, which will enable pharma companies to further optimise their planning and shipments with the help of 3 different sizes. Envirotainer also plans to maintain its position as an industry leader in digital offerings that reduce shipment costs and improve the quality of monitoring.

The full Sustainability Report is available here: https://www.envirotainer.com/about-us/sustainability/

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Envirotainer is the pioneer solution provider in secure cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The company develops, manufactures, and offers leasing of innovative container solutions and dewars for cryogenic shipping, including validation, support, and service, for pharma products that require a controlled environment.

Download Envirotainer Sustainability Report

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Download Envirotainer Sustainability Report