DGP Intelsius Celebrate 25 Years Trading with Significant Expansion in APAC

Update : 29th March, 2023

DGP Intelsius are expanding operations and their suite of services in the APAC region, elevating their existing offer and better meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics markets.

March 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of DGP Intelsius, with teams based in the UK, the U.S.A, Germany, India, Malaysia, and Ireland coming together to celebrate a successful quarter of a century designing and manufacturing sector-leading sample and temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

DGP Intelsius HQ team in England, UK

The past 25 years has seen CEO and founder of DGP Intelsius, David P. Walsh grow the business from a small, Ireland-based manufacturer of sample transport solutions to a global packaging partner of some of the world’s most recognisable pharmaceutical and healthcare brands with an office or distributor on every continent.

The development of brands such as ORCA, PharmaTherm, and BioTherm temperature-controlled packaging and more recently the launch of ORCA Rental and a range of environmentally friendly multi-use solutions have been particular highlights on this journey, allowing our customers to access sector-leading packaging solutions, with the added support of our expert technical team.

But, most importantly, this was an opportunity to thank our customers for their long-standing and ongoing partnership. And it's in the spirit of better-serving customers throughout the global supply chain market, that Intelsius are significantly expanding operations in the APAC region with a range of new services and an increased manufacturing and distribution presence.

Newly formed Intelsius Korea Ltd., headed by CEO, Sangmam Cho, is now operating out of Seoul in South Korea. The new Seoul-based team will be focused on developing the South Korean and wider North Asian market with Intelsius' wide range of packaging solutions as well as providing technical services to help deliver end-to-end cold chain shipping solutions.

Further to this development, In January of this year, Intelsius Malaysia took a 50% stake in the tech company, Cynotex to expand Intelsius' technical capabilities in the APAC region. Founded in 2010, Cynotex is home to the industry’s most reliable, consistent and accurate data logging, environmental and contamination monitoring solutions. This partnership will enable Intelsius to create secure end-to-end cold chain solutions regardless of shipment or shipping lane throughout the APAC region.

Intelsius have also expanded into the Australian and New Zealand markets with the launch of CoolChain Australia. Add to this our existing footprints in Japan and India, these new developments are enabling even greater reach in the region with the full range of Intelsius packaging solutions and services available.

DGP Intelsius APAC team with CEO, David Walsh

More specifically, this recent growth in APAC allows Intelsius to go beyond just offering its suite of packaging, and instead opens the door for complete cold chain mapping, logistics, expert technical support, and a QMS driven approach to analysing customer requirements with top-to-bottom solutions. It also enables us to offer our ORCA Rental temperature-controlled packaging rental services, and ORCA Cloud data monitoring solutions, further broadening our regional offer, and increasing customer choice.

A great example of this comprehensive approach to cold chain design is our work with DKSH Malaysia. DKSH are a Swiss-based global third-party logistics company, storing and distributing a wide range of products from fast moving consumer goods to pharmaceuticals and medicines into local markets on behalf of multi-national companies.

For the past 5 years we have been working hand-in-hand with DKSH, taking a complete view of their cold chain packaging requirements, enabling us to build out the perfect end-to-end solution, and ensuring the continued delivery of a wide array of products through complex shipping lanes.

Further developments in APAC are planned for the coming year and beyond, so watch this space for more. Visit our website at www.intelsius.com for more information. Or, if you have any questions about our work, our expansion in APAC, or want to discuss your particular cold chain or sample transport requirements, contact compliance@intelsius.com.

Source : DGP Intelsius

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