CSafe Global Receives Excellent Feedback in Mini-seminar with Korean Airlines (KAL)

Update : 2nd July, 2020 Korean Version

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, held a mini-seminar on the CSafe active systems and services for approximately 20 staff members and executives of Korean Airlines (KAL), including the group and team managers at the Seoul Branch Office of KAL, on June 16th. 

Interest in CSafe’s active containers were higher than ever due to the increased demand to transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals along with heightened awareness of the importance of cold chain management.

KAL, a CSafe Global partner airline, is well aware of the important role airlines have in transporting valuable biopharmaceuticals sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They work continuously to improve and provide the most exhaustive and strictest cold-chain management and pharmaceutical cold-chain services. KAL, which is the leader in this area, acquired a CEIV Pharma Certificate from IATA last year.

The CSafe RKN is a one pallet active container, and the CSafe RAP is designed to hold four standard US-pallets or five standard Euro-pallets. The active containers are mainly used to transport refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C) or controlled room temperature (+15°C to +25°C) pharmaceutical products and substances. During the seminar, the participants displayed considerable interest not only in CSafe’s active container products but also in the customer service CSafe provides.

A participant from KAL commented that, "this provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about the excellence of CSafe’s active containers,” and “in particular, I was greatly impressed by the outstanding temperature stability of the CSafe RKN and RAP active containers, which are the only active container systems that use VIP insulation material in the industry, feature long battery life, offer flexible lease services, and are known for their global customer service team’s prompt responses around the clock.”
A representative of CSafe Global Korea stated that, “organic collaboration among the airline, transportation companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers at the time of international transportation of valuable and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals is very important. Moreover, direct communication with the provider of cold chain packaging solutions, which had not been drawing much attention in Korea in the past, is also becoming increasingly more important,” and that, “CSafe shall put forth its utmost efforts in providing continuous training, communication, and collaboration with all of our partners.”

CSafe Global is focusing on further developing the Korean market assertively by not only opening a cutting-edge service center in Incheon early this year but also through supplementation of professional sales personnel, provision of brochures in the Korean language, and facility tour programs for the service center in Incheon. For further information on CSafe Global, visit www.csafeglobal.com.

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