Cold Box Express, Inc. Introduces Refreshed Brand, New Website to Better Define Offering

Update : 15th May, 2024

Cold Box Express, Inc. (CBX) has announced a rebranding of both the company and its product the ClimateCrate™ (formerly COLD BOX). While the corporate company name remains Cold Box Express, Inc., the evolution to CBX simplifies the logo and helps distinguish the company from its product offerings. The rebranding of the temperature-controlled pallet shipping and storage container to ClimateCrate better reflects its capability to provide active temperature control over a wide temperature range regardless of ambient climates.

The new website at serves as a gateway to the company’s products and services, including access to the customer portal for monitoring and location information of current shipments.

“The launch of our new website brings our rebranding full circle,” said Foster McDonald, CEO. “In rebranding, we reconcile our company and product names to show their application in a wider range of industries throughout the validated pharmaceutical cold chain and beyond,” said McDonald.

ClimateCrate operates on a manifold of high-capacity rechargeable deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. Higher-risk lithium batteries are not used. The resulting battery array operates active refrigeration, heating, and telemetry functions to maintain validated uniform temperature control.

ClimateCrate eliminates the need for eutectic phase-change materials (PCMs), dry ice, liquid nitrogen or other methods of cold-chain protection. Applications include supplemental storage for controlled temperature loading and staging, remote deployment or over-the-road transport and storage of critical materials in non-traditional vehicles. Pharmaceutical products and APIs, military expeditionary logistics, disaster relief, oil services, and industrial applications are among the target markets where units are already in use.

“Our battery-powered platform creates a uniform environment within a standard pallet-based shipping cube,” said McDonald. “This opens the options for wider use of standard LTL trailers and eliminates the need for reefer trucks for both short- and long-haul transportation. ClimateCrate modules are accessible from all sides for moving by standard forklifts and pallet jacks.”

The website features the company’s complete line of shipping and storage containers, which now includes the ClimateCrate FLEX, designed for use in high-roof cargo vans. The new website launch also coincides with the company’s announcement of a new expanded minimum temperature of -40°C (-40°F), available in summer 2024.


About CBX

CBX has been a leading provider of active temperature-controlled solutions for ground transportation of temperature-sensitive freight for more than a decade. Our temperature-controlled solutions provide validated, shipping and storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional refrigerated transport or frozen shipping.

Source : CBX

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