Meet the growth engines of the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry at BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2021 Special Cold Chain Pavilion & Conference Session

Update : 27th July, 2021 Korean Version

Held by BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA from August 31st to September 2nd, 2021. Conference ticket presales and pre-registration for exhibition visitors are open until the 31st of this month.

Reed Exhibitions Korea and the Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization will hold the “BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2021” from August 31st to September 2nd under the theme “The Circle of Bio Life” at COEX in Seoul through online and offline platforms.

The BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2021 is counting the days to its first onsite event since the merger of the Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization’s BIOPLUS and INTERPHEX, a global pharmaceuticals exhibition brand. Various events will be included: a conference that will offer local and international figureheads insights, an exhibition that will showcase all value chains of the bio industry, and a partnership program that will foster bio investments and technical discussions in the Korean bio industry.

BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA prepared various programs with Cold Chain Platform (CCP), focusing on the cold chain system that saw rapid growth amid the soaring issues in the production and logistics of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals because of the pandemic that wreaked havoc last year. At the special cold chain and logistics exhibition, an unprecedented large-scale exhibition that has been planned to emphasize the importance of cold chain logistics in the biopharmaceutical market, participants will meet diverse pharmaceutical and bioindustry personnel and customers. DHL and Brink’s Global Services—the global logistics companies—have confirmed their participation. Moreover, global cold chain packaging solution companies such as Envirotainer, CSafe Global, SkyCell, Pelican BioThermal, and Contguard, an intelligent cargo monitoring solution company, that are essential to the cold chain also take part in the event. In addition, S.lab Asia and FMS Korea, which are the front line of the COVID-19 vaccine transportation in Korea, will showcase their cold chain technologies.

The special cold chain logistics session will be the “Day of Cold Chain/Logistics.” Leading Korean pharmaceutical companies, such as Samsung Bioepis and SK Plasma, and global cold chain solution companies, including Zuellig Pharma and ELPRO, will join forces to introduce biopharmaceuticals logistics trends and cases in overcoming current issues. Also, S.lab Asia, Enviorntainer, and CSafe Global will hold their sponsor sessions in the afternoon, highlighting the local and international market conditions and related technology of the cold chain logistics system that draws attention to biopharmaceutical companies.

According to the exhibition office of BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA, Korea’s major biopharmaceuticals, CMO companies, and vaccine manufacturers are showing great interest in this special cold chain program. Thus, the event will provide exhibitions and sessions as well as active partnership matchings so that companies can create organic synergy effects in R&D, commercialization, startup, and investment areas.

The online partnering program will run for 15 days from August 31st to foster free meetings with overseas companies. With a partnering entry fee of USD 800, anyone can ask for a partnership meeting in the bio/pharmaceuticals/healthcare areas. Applications are accepted online at the official BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA website ( until July 31st.

The “BIOPLUS-INTERPHEX KOREA 2021” is currently offering its third early-bird ticket booking. Conference tickets at a 10% discount are available until July 31st.

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