ASCO offers innovative dry ice technologies on a flexible rental basis

Update : 13th April, 2021

The company ASCO Carbon Dioxide LTD has been offering individual solutions for dry ice production worldwide for decades. With "ASCO CAREFREE", the CO2 specialist has now successfully launched a completely new rental solution for dry ice production technologies. This is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art "ASCO i-Series technology", which even allows pay-per-use options. Dry ice, recently also called "white gold", is currently the talk of the town as it guarantees an uninterrupted cold chain down to -79°Celsius (-110°F) when shipping COVID19 vaccines worldwide.

The number of customers demanding individual solutions for their dry ice logistics is raising. To facilitate market entry, ASCO now offers "ASCO CAREFREE". True to the motto "You produce, We invest", ASCO provides flexible dry ice production capacities on a rental basis with full service and maintenance. Rentals can be selected between a calculable fixed price or a "pay per use" variant.

COVID19 pandemic creates challenges

The requirements of dry ice producers in general and, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, of pharmaceutical and logistics companies in particular, are clear. Producing and packaging large quantities of dry ice in a very short time frame is the biggest task. Additionally the dry ice must be fresh and of high quality to achieve optimal cooling effects over the longest possible time. However, when companies rely on delivered dry ice, they have little control over quantity and quality because dry ice sublimates through a natural process. When suppliers initially pre-produce and deliver the dry ice, it means that dry ice loses quantity and quality due to the time factor alone.

For these reasons, the trend worldwide is increasing towards an own in-house dry ice production. In order to make it easier for customers to start producing their dry ice, including all the associated benefits, ASCO Carbon Dioxide LTD has launched the innovative "CAREFREE" solutions. Fabian Weber, Director Marketing & Communications of ASCO Carbon Dioxide comments: "With the ASCO CAREFREE rental solutions we are now even more flexible towards the customer to realize their own dry ice production. Due to the Corona situation, dry ice has moved into the focus of many industries as a highly efficient cooling medium. We want to take away the financial pressure of investment costs and make it as easy as possible for interested parties to produce their own dry ice".

Three ASCO Dry Ice pelletizers in the hall

About ASCO

Swiss ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD is a provider of complete CO2 and dry ice solutions with customers worldwide. The product range includes CO2 Production and CO2 Recovery Plants, Dry Ice Blasting Units, Dry Ice Production Machines, CO2 Cylinder Filling Systems, CO2 Vaporisers, CO2 Storage Tanks, CO2 Dosing Systems for Water Neutralisation and various other CO2 and dry ice equipment. Thanks to this broad product range and more than 130 years of practical experience in the wide field of CO2 and dry ice, customers benefit from individual, complete CO2 solutions from a single source. Since 2007 ASCO has been part of the international industrial gas enterprise Messer Group and is its competence centre for CO2. By joining forces with the German BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bad Hönningen, in the year 2014, the expertise and product portfolio was pooled and significantly expanded. This applies in particular to the complex field of CO2 recovery. In July 2016, the US subsidiary ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE INC (ASCO Inc.), based in Jacksonville/Florida, was founded.

For further information, please contact:
Fabian Weber
Head of Marketing & Communication
T +41 71 466 80 68

Source : ASCO

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