Artyc Announces Name Change of Medstow Mini to Medstow Micro

Update : 10th June, 2024

Artyc, a pioneering climate tech company specializing in cold chain logistics, is excited to announce the renaming of its flagship product, the Medstow Mini, to the Medstow Micro.

Image: Medstow Micro

This name change reflects Artyc’s commitment to better serve customers and adapt its product alignment with the evolving needs of the industry.

The Medstow Micro, which supports microsampling, allows Sponsors, CROs, and wellness providers to "travel" alongside their samples, monitoring sample integrity throughout the entire journey.

Artyc’s technology ensures that samples remain viable and reliable from collection to delivery, providing unprecedented control over temperature-sensitive logistics.

"We made the decision to rename the Medstow Mini to the Medstow Micro to better represent the capabilities and benefits of our product," said Hannah Sieber, co-founder and CEO of Artyc.
Our product is a breakthrough for remote sampling and decentralized clinical trials, which are crucial for increasing patient engagement and access. The name Medstow Micro encapsulates our vision of advancing remote sampling technology to meet our customers' needs.

Artyc's partnership with Tasso, the leading provider of patient-centric clinical-grade blood collection solutions, has been instrumental in developing the Medstow Micro. This collaboration ensures that the Medstow Micro remains at the forefront of the industry, offering a sustainable, efficient, and precise solution for temperature-controlled transportation.

The Medstow Micro maintains all the features that made the Medstow Mini a standout product, including active temperature stabilization, live data insights, and a user-friendly app for monitoring. These features are essential for the accuracy and regulatory compliance required in medical logistics, ensuring that specimens are kept within the necessary temperature range to prevent spoilage.

As Artyc continues to innovate in the cold chain logistics space, the Medstow Micro represents a significant step forward in sustainable medical logistics.

By ensuring precision temperature control and reducing waste, Artyc is dedicated to enhancing healthcare access and building a more sustainable future.


About Artyc

Artyc is a climate tech company dedicated to providing sustainable cold chain logistics solutions. Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and reliability of temperature-controlled transportation, reducing waste and emissions while ensuring the integrity of valuable medical and biological samples.

Source : Artyc

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