A Virtual Experience Vaccines 2020 Conference

Update : 31st July, 2020

London – Join us on 12 August for: Vaccines 2020 Virtual conference (https://arena-international.com/vaccine-virtual/). Over 20 industry leaders from leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and Pfizer will join us LIVE to share their experience and insight. Moreover, our event connects the vaccine industry from across the globe to develop long lasting partnerships and discover solutions to the current challenges.

In response to the current pandemic that is sweeping across the globe, this virtual conference provides a much-needed immersive online platform for the industry to come together and consider the impact of the global crisis on clinical trials as well as further demonstrate the need for the sector to adapt and overcome in trying times. 

  1. Opening Keynote: The AXON Multi-Peptide Vaccine COVIDAX Against COVID-19 – The Proper Solution For Vulnerable Populations, led by Norbert Zilka, Chief Scientific Officer, Axon Neuroscience. Majority of sessions to be followed by a LIVE Q&A.
  2. Keynote: Using Enveloped-Like Virus Like Particles To Develop a Multivalent Vaccine For Human Coronavirus Infection, presented by Franciscio Diaz-Mitoma, Chief Medical Officer, VBI Vaccines.
  3. CASE STUDY: A Novel Vector Delivered Live Multi Antigen Vaccine Against COVID-19, presented by Farshad Guirakhoo, Chief Scientific Officer, GeoVax, Inc.
  4. AI Innovations and Strategies To Counteract COVID-19: The Story of AAPM ACT, the first Global Coronavirus Global Taskforce - led by Prasun Mishra, Founder Chief Executive Officer, Agility Pharmaceuticals.
  5. Coordinating COVID19 Vaccine Trials for Success - led by Divya Chadha Manek, Head of Business Development (Commercial), Tha National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).
  6. Preference For An Oral Tablet COVID-19 Vaccine, focussing on the benefits of the oral tablet COVID-19 Vaccine during a pandemic, presented by Sean Tucker, CSO and VP Research Vaxart.
  7. CASE STUDY: Top 5 Tips On How To Manage A Clinical Trial During A Pandemic? This session will be led by Federica Danzi, Clinical Operations Head Vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline.
  8. BREAKTHROUGH SESSION: M-001 universal flu vaccine candidate: Pivotal, Clinical Efficacy, Phase 3 - presented by Joshua Phillipson, Director of Business Development, BiondVax.
  9. Understanding The Global Regulatory Processes In The Vaccine Space During COVID-19 - presented by Jack Fernandes, CEO, Regenica Biosciences.
  10. How can public policy evolve to enable vaccine innovation, investment, and One Health solutions? This session will be presented by Jesse Sevcik, Executive Advisor, Government Affairs, Elanco Animal Health.
  11. Case Study: Funding & Partnerships – A Collaborative Approach to Vaccine Development - presented by Hansila Alaigh, Director, Strategy & External Development, Emergent Biosciences.
  12. Final will be on: Understanding The Global Regulatory Processes In The Vaccine Space During COVID-19 - presented by Jack Fernandes, CEO, Regenica Biosciences.
  13. Stream: Vaccine Design and Pre-Clinical Development (more sessions TBC)
  14. Outlining The Importance Of The Vaccine Adjuvant QS-21 In The Design Process -presented by Mark Findeis, Executive Director Research Biochemistry, Agenus. Majority of sessions to be followed by a LIVE Q&A.
  15. Identification of Novel pHLA Targets For Solid Tumor Targeting – presented by Hans-Peter Gerber, CSO, 3T Bioscience.
  16. Reducing The Use Of Antimicrobials Through Innovative Universal Subunit Vaccine Platform Design - presented by Sherry Layton, Chief Scientific Officer, VentancoSA/BV Vaccines.
  17. Characterizing Neoantigens To Improve Prioritization For Neoantigen-Specific Cancer Vaccines. This session will be lead by Aude-Helene Capietto, Principal Scientific Researcher, Cancer Immunology, Genentech.
  18. Commercialising Your Vaccine – What Do You Need To Know - presented by Pierre Morgon, Non-Executive Director, Vacitech.
  19. Blockchain and Drug Supply Assurance in the Coronavirus Era - presented by Ben Taylor, CEO, LedgerDomain.
  20. Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges In The Vaccine Industry - presented by Peter Shapiro, Senior Director of Drugs and Business Fundamentals, Global Data.
  21. Benefits and Advantages of Using Blockchain During A Pandemic - presented by Frank Leu, CEO, Novatherapeutics.
  22. Q&A: Top 5 Risk Management Considerations For Post Marketing In Vaccines. This will be led by Alena Khromava, Senior Director, Head of Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management, Sanofi Pasteur. 

For more information: https://arena-international.com/vaccine-virtual/

About our Virtual event

Holding a virtual conference enables Arena International to create a secure environment for end users and vendors while delivering on what they have signed up for— a platform enabling knowledge sharing, networking and insights from peers to overcome specific challenges. This is an appropriate format to respond to the current global situation as evolutions are uncertain.

About Arena International

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