Interview with Richard Rossi

Asia Pac e-Team Lead of Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG), Global Cold Chain & Strategic Projects Director of CRYOPDP

Update : 25th January, 2024

Richard Rossi talks to Cold Chain Platform about GCSG’s first Asia Pac Boot Camp in Seoul, e-Teams and their roles, expansion in the region, and joining the GCSG community.

1. You are leading the Asia Pac e-Team of Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG). Can you provide some background information about GCSG?

Global Clinical Supplies Group is a not-for-profit, knowledge sharing organisation, focused solely on the clinical supply and related sectors. GCSG aims to be an innovative global organisation, inspiring its members to share their knowledge, thereby influencing and making valuable contributions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

GCSG was established in the United States in 1985. They have held successful annual conferences ever since and expanded to Europe in 2014. More recently, GCSG again expanded to create the Asia Pac e-team, with a view to establishing a community of professionals to share best practices and to initiate events in the Asia Pac region. In fact, we are excited to announce that our Asia Pac e-team will host its first in-person event, a one day Boot Camp, in Seoul on Wed 28 February 2024.

2. GCSG has a number of different e-Teams such as the Asia Pac e-Team, CGT e-Team, Regulatory e-Team, and Expanded Access e-Team. What is an ‘e-Team’, and what are the roles of an e-Team?

The term “e-team” stems from the military, where teams were put together with specialist members to perform very specific roles i.e. execute their orders, hence the term e-team. In the case of the Asia Pac e-team, our role was to create a group of industry-focused professionals, to build an Asia Pac committee to cement GCSG’s position in the Asia Pac region.

The role of the GCSG e-Teams is to continually look at the current situation for their specific area of expertise and ensure that we have the most up-to-date information on that sector. In this way, the e-Teams can support the Education and Presentation coordinators for each of the regional conferences, ensuring that the latest cutting edge information is available for use in the meeting agendas. Additionally, the networking capabilities of the e-Teams means that each of the regional planning committees have increased access to subject matter experts, which regularly feature in our US Conferences, European Knowledge Forums and soon, Asia Pac Symposia.

3. GCSG is expanding their presence to Asia Pac. What is your plan in the Asia Pac region?

As mentioned previously, we will be hosting our inaugural in-person event on 28th February 2024. We also plan to continue our popular Webinar Series, so we can stay in contact with our membership base in the region.

Longer term, GCSG plans to have its first in-person Symposium in Feb/Mar 2025 in Seoul, South Korea, and then annually thereafter. The annual symposium will move throughout the region, so we can best cover the broad regional variances we see in the regulatory and clinical supply chains in Asia Pac.

Click here to find out more and to register for this event.

4. What are the requirements for joining the GCSG community?

Anyone working in the clinical supply or clinical research sector is welcome to join GCSG. In fact, when you attend our Asia Pac Boot Camp in Feb 2024, the registration includes one year of GCSG membership. This would normally be included as part of a conference registration, but for Asia Pac this has been extended as an offer for our first in-person event.

If you can’t attend the event, a 1-year GCSG membership can be purchased on our website for just $249.

To find out more about the benefits of being a GCSG member, click here.

5. In February this year, you will host the first Asia Pac Boot Camp in Seoul. What is the agenda and who can attend?

After three years of our successful regional Webinar Series, 2024 marks the first year that GCSG’s Asia Pac e-team will host an in-person event in the region. We are really excited! Our inaugural event will be in the form of a one day Boot Camp.

We are offering two options: 1. Understanding the Essentials of the Clinical Supply Chain or 2. Import and Export of Clinical Supplies: An Overview. These day long courses will be presented in a classroom environment, with active participation encouraged for the attendees.

6. What are the benefits of attending the Asia Pac Boot Camp?

The Understanding the Essentials of the Clinical Supply Chain Boot Camp will be an opportunity for individuals new to the clinical supply sector to get a well-rounded understanding of clinical supplies, and all the best practices which surround working in the space.

For those more familiar with clinical supply, the aim of the Import and Export of Clinical Supplies: An Overview is to highlight the challenges of importing and/or exporting clinical supplies in the region, and how to plan for and overcome them.

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About Richard Rossi

Asia Pac e-Team Lead of Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG), Global Cold Chain & Strategic Projects Director of CRYOPDP

With over 20 years of experience in both diagnostic pathology, clinical trial pharmaceutical storage and logistics management, Richard’s industry knowledge allows him to apply best practices in everything that he does. From the creation of temperature-controlled warehouses for clinical trial product storage across Australia, Singapore and Japan, to launching 3PL pharma storage solutions in Australia, Richard’s history of leading and delivering state of the art pharma storage and supply lends itself to operational excellence.

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