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Moving Pharma Forward Seoul

What is Moving Pharma Forward?
More than 35 exclusive Moving Pharma Forward events across the globe, with the key goal of bringing the industry together to discuss and share best practices and find practical solutions to our shared challenges. Moving Pharma Forward event offers exclusive networking opportunities and innovative cold chain activities on-site. Over 80% of previous participants say that the event has helped them to meet their business objectives and close to 95% of participants say that they will come back to the following year’s event.

Why Attend?
• The purpose of Moving Pharma Forward is to educate and engage in a relaxed environment, while discussing very real and specific challenges. No press or sponsorships are allowed at the event - only a positive, open-exchange environment.
• Grow your local network within the cold chain industry and gain practical examples of how different stakeholders handle common challenges.
• Complimentary (no fee) to attend.

Given the limited availability of seats, we encourage you to express your interest promptly to secure your spot.
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