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How to Operationalize Your DCT or Hybrid Trial: Best Practices for Emerging Biopharma

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about the importance and value of both decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid clinical trials, but what is being done to actually operationalize them, particularly in smaller and midsize biotech organizations? How can Emerging Biopharma implement hybrid and DCT strategies that keep up with dynamic regulatory guidance and industry standards. While elements of DCTs have been part of clinical trials for quite some time, the boundaries continue to expand, moving beyond remote technology and into home healthcare, direct-to-patient shipments, and more. Even as these elements help to increase opportunities for patient participation, they raise numerous challenges in many areas, including design, conduct, and data quality.

In this free webcast, sponsors can learn best practices for operationalizing their hybrid and DCT clinical trials with practical advice from two of Advanced Clinical's senior leaders. The Advanced Clinical team welcomes your questions both during and after the webcast Q&A, as it will help round out the discussion and make it more relevant to your unique challenges.
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