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Current Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy

Current Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy

The interest in cell and gene therapy (CGT) is on the rise, making it one of the fastest-growing therapeutics in the pharmaceutical industry today. Along with seemingly unlimited prospects come multiple challenges that must be addressed to ensure appropriate management of these novel supplies.

In response to such timely issues, our next webinar will provide an overview of the basic concepts that need to be considered in the CGT space.

During this 90-minute session, industry experts will share their knowledge and experience on what is required to establish reliable supply chain systems, as well as the manufacturing, labeling and packaging of CGT supplies.

Join this session to increase your knowledge on CGT and gain insight into how to tackle any challenges this new modality may impose on clinical supply professionals.

This webinar is open to non-GCSG members, is free to attend and will be held via Zoom.

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 GCSG's Asia-Pacific Webinar Series is an event that inspires clinical supply professionals to supercharge their work, build incredible networks, and make their ideas happen. It is an open and friendly platform that invites all industry colleagues to share their experiences and shape best practices.
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