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8th Annual Clinical Trials Summit

8th Clinical Trials Summit 2023 is an important forum to share the value and successes of the Clinical Trials Industry and provides a platform to the Pharma & Biotech professionals to share and exchange their experiences on all aspects of Clinical Trials.

This CTS Conference aims to unveil the latest Clinical Trials strategies, practical challenges, most recent innovations, and solutions adopted in the fields of Patient Sourcing, Recruitment, Centricity, Retention, Decentralized Trials, Data Management, and the impacts of Covid-19.

CTS will bring together Clinical Trials Heads, Directors, Global Trials Manager, CROs responsible for Patients Centricity, Clinical Trials, Data Management and to discover the latest ideas, Trends, Issues, and their solutions to develop a network to cover the gap in the post-Covid era. This Summit offers interactive Presentations, Panel Discussions, Exhibitions, and One on One Meetings.
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