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Pharma IQ Live: Digital Supply Chain 2022

The pandemic has compelled the pharma and healthcare sectors to revisit their strategy and shift away from a just-in-time approach to a just-in-case one. As the industry accelerates toward digital and agile quality systems, connections with partners, paperless processes, and being more proactive in quality management are key themes that are emerging.

In 2022 and beyond, we will see a rise in new delivery models built on a resilient value chain by leveraging the benefits of digitalization through smart, connected, and intelligent systems. However, with technology advancements come increased risk, this event will focus on how to utilize data and empower your supply chain through digitalization but also keeping front and centre of mind, supply chain security.

With this in mind, Pharma IQ will be hosting Digital Supply Chain 2022 to focus on:
• Supply Chain Visibility
• Supply Chain Optimization
• Serialization and Traceability
• Removing Human Dependency via Digitalization, Automation and Data Analytics
• Inventory Management and Supply Chain Auditing

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