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Introducing a new route to pharma Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance and standardization

In the new virus age, the need for rigorous compliance with regulations and strict adherence to best-practice surrounding the quality, safe, and efficient distribution of medicines and vaccines worldwide has never been greater.

We are bringing together a collaborative partnership with Poseidon, the independent pharmaceutical logistics collaboration network, with the objective of bringing greater quality, and certainty to the global distribution of pharmaceuticals. With our joint resources and expertise, our goal is to develop and execute a multi-mode compliance and standards (MMCS) program to help promote, standardize, monitor and assess adherence to the GDP (good distribution practice) regulations that underpin global pharmaceutical logistics.

The MMCS program is relevant to pharmaceutical shippers, their end-to-end distribution partners and the wider community. The program will interpret the prevailing local and international GDP regulations and guidelines for each of the main long-haul transport modes and provide a full range of GDP support components, from collaborative standard development, to a shared assessment model, to training services.
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