Clinical Trial Logistics: Mitigating Risks Via Advanced Planning for Global Studies

Clinical trial logistical challenges come in many forms: customs issues, stability timelines, temperature control, lost samples, etc. Many of these challenges can be avoided by bringing expertise from your central lab and logistics partners in advance of protocol finalization and the selection of participating countries and sites. This presentation will discuss potential pitfalls via real life examples and provide the audience with actionable strategies that can mitigate future study execution challenges. Featured speakers will also introduce the audience to important concepts related to importer of record (IOR) and exporter of record (EOR) requirements including roles and responsibilities of sponsors, central labs, CROs and logistics providers.

Join this webinar to learn key logistical considerations for global clinical trials, including:

• Shipper selection
• Transit time analysis
• Coordinating collection schedule with pick-up schedule
• Test shipments
• Importer/exporter of record requirements

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