Case Study: Cathay Cargo’s successful adoption of the Releye® Solution

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Update : 30th May, 2024

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Cathay Cargo, one of the world’s leading combination cargo carriers, has been at the forefront of providing high quality cargo services to its global customers. Recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation, Cathay Cargo has continually sought to enhance its offerings, especially in the realm of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments.

This case study explores Cathay Cargo’s successful adoption of the Envirotainer Releye® solution into its customer offering and the positive impact of elevating shipment visibility for key stakeholders.

Ensuring Integrity of Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

In order to offer their customers the most technically advanced solutions for their shipments, Cathay Cargo were interested in finding out more about the Envirotainer Releye® solution, with its advanced temperature control, robust construction and live monitoring capabilities. The Releye® RLP and RAP employs cutting-edge technology to maintain a consistent internal temperature throughout the journey, safeguarding the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.

As part of the journey to enhance their offering, Cathay Cargo also highlighted the sometimes-fragmented tracking information associated with temperature-sensitive cargo shipments. The milestones for air cargo movements on Cathay Cargo’s platform and the container data on Envirotainer’s side were displayed separately on two different systems. This separation created a lack of a unified source of information, posing challenges for stakeholders when monitoring temperature-sensitive shipments that utilized Envirotainer’s active containers.

Solution: Envirotainer Releye® - Elevating Temperature-Controlled Logistics

During the discussion it became clear that the Releye® solution was able to not only answer the need for a packaging solution that could meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight, but it could also support Cathay Cargo with one central point for all data tracking of the shipment through an Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

The Releye® product itself is an advanced, active container solution designed to maintain precise temperature control during air transportation. Equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities, Releye® ensures the safe and secure transit of temperature-sensitive cargo.

The Envirotainer Developer Guide offered the opportunity to connect all Releye® Live Monitoring data found in the Envirotainer Portal, with Cathay’s own digital platform using an API to offer a single place to find all relevant shipment data such as internal temperature, battery level, shipment location, and shipment milestones - all in real time.

Implementation: A Seamless Journey Toward Integration

By leveraging the API’s available from Envirotainer and the Envirotainer Developer Guide, Cathay were able to link the two systems together, consolidating tracking information from both air cargo movements and container metrics onto a unified platform.

The Envirotainer Developer Guide contains all the relevant documents for developers to implement integrations, while the minimizing the need for additional costs and resources to execute the solution.

Several trial shipments were conducted in 2023 to validate the benefits of this data linkage. These trials demonstrated the seamless integration of Envirotainer Releye® container data into Cathay’s platform, ensuring that customers could experience enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities.

Results: Elevated Visibility, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational Efficiency

The successful integration of the Envirotainer Releye® solution has shown remarkable results for Cathay Cargo. Customers can now benefit not only from one of the most advanced and reliable packaging solutions on the market, but also from enhanced visibility into their temperature-sensitive shipments, offering peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of their cargo.

Customers using Releye® containers on Cathay Cargo network can also enjoy 24/7 shipment monitoring by the Cathay Cargo’s OCC (Operation Control Centre), as do the customers who subscribe to the Cathay Cargo’s own track and trace solution Ultra Track.

This is all complemented by Envirotainer’s Control Tower service, safeguarding customers time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products along the journey and with the ability to take proactive action should any unexpected events occur.

The results include:

• Comprehensive Visibility: Customers have access to a comprehensive set of live tracking data points, including internal temperature, battery levels, shipment location, and key milestones, all displayed on a single platform.

• Customer Satisfaction: The streamlined tracking experience has elevated customer satisfaction, as they can now monitor and manage their temperature-sensitive cargo more effectively.

• Operational Efficiency: The ease of monitoring, coupled with the seamless integration of the Releye® solution, has improved operational efficiency for Cathay Cargo, setting a new standard for reliability, transparency, and precision in air cargo transportation.

Janice Kwan, Cargo Customer Solutions Manager of Cathay Cargo said of the project: “We’re proud to be able to provide seamless connectivity to our customers and to further enhance our ability to deliver real-time visibility for temperature-sensitive shipments. Envirotainer’s cutting-edge technology in the Releye® solution and their digital services has ensured that we can provide exceptional services to our customers and set a new standard in airfreight logistics.
Paul Seet, Global Key Account Manager Airlines from Envirotainer said “Envirotainer is honoured to collaborate with Cathay Cargo in revolutionizing temperature-controlled logistics. The seamless integration of our Releye® solution highlights their commitment to excellence, ensuring the safe and precise transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo. Together, we are providing our joint customers with unparalleled visibility and peace of mind throughout their shipments.


Cathay Cargo’s adoption of the Releye® solution demonstrates a successful collaboration, driven by a shared commitment to excellence for our customers. The joint efforts of Cathay Cargo and Envirotainer have successfully safeguarded the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, further solidifying our commitment to excellence.

This innovative collaboration exemplifies the potential of digital solutions to revolutionize the air cargo industry, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

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About Releye

Setting a new standard for temperature-controlled shipments, the Releye® containers are designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight. With industry leading autonomy, Releye® will maintain the temperature and protect the cargo longer than any other available active solution, without the need for recharging.

All Releye® containers are connected and the Live Monitoring service enables a unique insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment. Our Control Tower operators monitor your cargo worldwide 24/7 with a response to any critical event within 15 minutes.

About Cathay Cargo

Cathay Cargo is the air-freight business division of the Cathay Group, operating from its hub in Hong Kong. It is one of the leading air-cargo operators in the world and was named 2023 Cargo Airline of the Year in Air Transport World’s Airline Industry Achievement Awards.

The airline provides services to more than 80 cargo destinations around the world, operating a dedicated freighter fleet of 14 Boeing 747-8F and six 747-400ERFs (Extended Range Freighter) aircraft, in addition to cargo space on Cathay Pacific’s large fleet of passenger aircraft. The Cargo division also includes Air Hong Kong, an express cargo carrier operating in partnership with DHL, and manages the state-of-the-art Cathay Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. It is also the cargo general sales agent for the Cathay Group’s low-cost carrier HK Express. Cathay is a member of the Swire Group and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE).

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