Helping Sponsors Navigate Complex Ancillary Supply Sourcing Challenges with Integrated Services

Thursday June 30th, 2022
Yourway Article

Cloud vs. On-Premises: Cost Comparison for Laboratory Monitoring System

Tuesday June 28th, 2022
ELPRO Article

Monitor Temperature Deviations

Monday April 25th, 2022
ELPRO Article

Pharmaceutical Logistics: What You Should Know Before Deciding Which Company to Work With

Monday March 21st, 2022
FET Logistics Ltd

[China] Year-End Review | Comprehensive Analysis of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in 2021

Thursday February 24th, 2022
The Healthcare Logistics Association of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing

Do you pay too much for zero risk in the cold chain?

Thursday February 24th, 2022
Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE discusses cost-effective solutions for packaging systems in temperature-controlled logistics.

5 key considerations for managing cold chain shipments

Friday December 10th, 2021
Biocair Article

GMP Warehouse Guide for Compliant Temperature Monitoring - Warehouse & Cool Room

Thursday September 30th, 2021
ELPRO Article

Global Cold Chain Logistics Ramp Up Operations to Meet Distribution Challenges

Friday March 19th, 2021
Roger Hailey, freelance journalist, discusses the developing role that airfreight will play in the ramping up of vaccine distibuition in the coming months.

Why does 0G matter in the Supply Chain when 5G is already Established?

Wednesday February 24th, 2021
Maud Gorsen, Communication Manager, Safecube discusses the less is more approach of 0G in the supply chain.

The Pharmaceutical Industry – Engineering Frustrations

Thursday February 18th, 2021
Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant, PharmaFlow Limited and Keith Plumb, Process and Equipment Consultant, BPE, present their personnel perspective of the many frustrations that occur for engineers working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Challenge of Global COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Demands a New Approach

Monday January 11th, 2021
Alan Kennedy, Director, Team Poseidon Ltd and Dr. Umit Kartoglu, President and CEO, Extensio et Progressio SARL give their views on long-haul pharma transportaion.

Is COVID-19 THE Long Overdue Wake-up Call for Pharma Supply-Chains? (Part 2)

Thursday December 31st, 2020
Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant of PharmaFlow Limited furthers his discussion of Pharma R&D in the supply chain in part 2 of this article.

Warehouse Mapping of GxP Storage Facilities — Not Optional

Wednesday November 25th, 2020
ELPRO White Paper

Characteristics of high performing VIP

Tuesday November 24th, 2020
CSafe Global White Paper

Is COVID-19 THE Long Overdue Wake-up Call for Pharma Supply-Chains?

Thursday October 29th, 2020
Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant of PharmaFlow Limited discusses the foundational role of Pharma R&D in the supply chain.

COVID-19: The Impact on Clinical Trials Provides A Catalyst for the Adoption of Decentralized Trials

Thursday October 29th, 2020
Scott Ohanesian, Senior VP of Commercial Operations of QuickSTAT writes about how COVID-19 has brought many supply chains around the world to a standstill almost overnight, and how clinical trials could be impacted in the future.

[Sensitech] Russian Good Distribution Practices Pharmaceutical Regulations, Part 2

Thursday September 17th, 2020
Sensitech - Requirements for Pharmaceutical Storage and How to be Compliant

[Sensitech] Russian Good Distribution Practices Pharmaceutical Regulations, Part 1

Wednesday September 16th, 2020
Sensitech - How to Prepare Your Supply Chain

How This Pharma Giant Beat its Theft and Overstocking Challenges with OTIF

Tuesday August 11th, 2020
Shalini Tiwari, Customer Success Manager, Roambee

[Sensitech] USP Regulatory Blog Series, Part 3

Tuesday August 4th, 2020
Sensitech - USP <1079.2> Mean Kinetic Temperature More Clearly Defined; Storage Transportation Drug Products

[Sensitech] USP Regulatory Blog Series, Part 2

Friday July 31st, 2020
Sensitech - USP <1079> Changes You Need Know

[Sensitech] USP Regulatory Blog Series, Part 1

Tuesday July 28th, 2020
Sensitech - Why Are USP <659> Packaging Storage Requirements Important?

NOW or NEVER - Navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19

Friday July 24th, 2020
Alan Kennedy, Director of Team Poseidon Ltd writes about the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of reconfiguring the pharma-logistics supply chain for a post-pandemic world.

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